How does the Axiom Brass play concerts in schools and concert halls for thousands of people, commission new music, host summer camps for young musicians, or make it possible for a five-year-old to hear the sound of a trumpet or tuba for the first time?

It is through individual and corporate support from friends, like you, that we are able to present outstanding performances at concert halls across the globe as well as continue our commitment to the musical education of our young audiences. Thanks to your generous financial support we are able to share the joys of music and enhance the culture of our communities.

Here are just some of the ways to support the Axiom Brass mission.

  • Sponsoring scholarships for students to attend the Axiom Brass Summer Academy
  • Commissioning new compositions for brass quintet
  • Commissioning a new piece for your local high school or community band/orchestra to be premiered with the Axiom Brass
  • Donating free tickets to local children's clubs and organizations to attend an Axiom Brass Concert
  • Supporting the Summer Axiom Brass Academy
  • Sponsoring the Axiom Brass to come to a school near you

If you are interested in getting involved with our projects and bringing an Axiom Brass event to your community, please contact us.

Please consider a donation to Axiom Brass so we may continue our quest to enrich the lives of our youth with music.